Herb Treasure Co., Ltd.

A Vertically-integrated Cannabis Company in Thailand

Licenses Obtained

The FIRST and the ONLY Company in Thailand that received an Export License. Pioneer in receiving both Import and Cultivation Licenses.

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Light deprivation greenhouse

Lab & Extraction

in-house lab and ethanol extraction


Infusion process and CBD isolate wholesale


CBD Products

HT is a vertically integrated cannabis business with HQ in Bangkok and the first cultivation site in Chiang Rai and Phetchabun. We operate our own greenhouse and outdoor cultivation, processing plant, and extraction lab. The company focuses on Cannabis business from research and development of strains, greenhouse and outdoor cultivation for Cannabis, and processing for CBD distillate/isolate. The company also engages in CBD infused product development and selling wide range of CBD products

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CBD Extraction Services

We are an industrial scale provider of extraction services producing CBD full spectrum and isolate CBD.

Franchise services

We guide entrepreneurs and startups entering the hemp industry in Thailand as well as opportunities to expand existing businesses.

A Vertically-integrated Cannabis Company in Thailand

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Choosing The Right Cannabis Supplier

The widespread adoption of CBD as a mainstream health supplement has created massive opportunities for CBD business in Thailand as a new growth industry. However, there are some challenges in trying to establish suitable standards that will ensure only quality products reach the market. With so many suppliers  and options nowadays, customers can easily purchase mislabeled or ineffective products. For retailers and consumers, this means having to be careful in how they choose their CBD suppliers in Thailand. Generally, dried flowers and hemp products are required to have a less than 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. But much of what is being sold goes beyond this. To avoid finding that the CBD products Thailand suppliers are getting to you are failing quality checks, here are some safety measures to adopt.

Define cannabinoid content and ingredients

When buying products with cannabis Thailand retailers and beyond should try to ascertain their content. More specifically, both the CBD and THC amounts. To avoid breaking laws, the first concern should be THC levels so that the products are not misclassified. Especially if you are intending to buy raw essentials that have not been combined with other ingredients. If you plan on customising your own products by adding other ingredients, then finding a supplier with a clean production process will also matter.
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