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Herb Treasure Co., Ltd.

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Cannabis Seeds

Imported high THC/CBD strains seeds

THC/CBD Dried flowers

High THC/CBD content dried flowers that can be used for multiple purposes. 

CBD Isolate

Up to 99% potency, our CBD isolate is extracted in a highly controlled environment and refined to assure industry leading standards and consistency.

CBD Distillate

Our CBD distillate is a whole plant extract with THC removed using a proprietary extraction process. The result is an ingredient with 60 – 70% CBD potency and less than 0.2% THC.

CBD Water Soluble

Our CBD water soluble powder and liquid is  dispersible in almost any beverage or cosmetic product. Our water soluble is the perfect way to deliver the benefits of CBD in form factors that your consumers already love. Ease of use, long shelf-life stability and minimal impact on flavor and mouthfeel makes it the ideal CBD beverage solution.

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Our Cultivation in Petchabun and Chiang Rai

  • The company focuses on cannabis business from research and development of hemp strains and breeding/cloning strains
  • Cannabis cultivation uses light-deprivation system for greenhouse and outdoor cultivation
  • The company engages in selling wide range of tools and accessories such as greenhouses, fertilizers, soil amendments, humidifiers, and IOT system for greenhouse
  • Importing and selling certified high CBD hemp strains


Herb Treasure is an industrial scale provider of extraction services producingbfull spectrum and isolate CBD. We utilize ethanol extraction process to produce the highest quality CBD substance with high concentration with no solvents or impurities

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Product range

It is beneficial to build a good relationship with a reliable supplier that suits your need for product. We provide wild range of products, such as, dried flower, tincture drop and other raw materials.


It is ideal to deal with a supplier that has a dedicated research and development team. There are many strains of hemp Thailand producers have yet to consider, which can benefit to your business and clients. Working with an innovative supplier that is Continuously strive for greater value for their retailers and consumers will only serve to benefit your business.

Lab testing

All production must pass through batch-specific testing so testing are done in-house amd are backed by results from a third-party labs that can issue the required Certificates of Analysis (COA) for in certain markets. Retailers in countries such as USA, will always ensure the supplier has a robust testing program that which meet whatever state or federal requirements you are subject to.

Products and Services

Starting a cannabis business can be challenging for a myriad of reasons, especially for pioneers, different location has different challenges and obstacles, and are often misconstrued business faces.

Once the legalities are handled, finding a reliable supplier with a variety of quality products that are well-developed, processed, and manufactured will ensure your business gets the product out to the markets with confidence.

Extraction services are provided for retailers with dried flowers using the newest cold ethanol-based extraction machine that can produce from distillate oil to water-soluble ranges. These extracts can then be used to develop medical products, cosmetics, beverages, and more.  

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